Facility Audits for RCRA Compliance & Property Transfers

DAI Environmental, Inc

DAI Environmental, Inc. offers environmental audits to help our clients with regulatory compliance and real estate transactions. For a facility audit, our staff will meet with the plant engineering personnel to review the production process, process waste streams, pollutant emissions, and waste disposal procedures. A review of all applicable RCRA, SARA Title III, SPCCP, TSCA, and municipal regulations will identify compliance with all pertinent hazardous waste, air pollution, wastewater discharge, and disposal requirements.

For Phase-I audits, DAI can readily respond to our clients needs by performing an on-site inspection, environmental permit and waste disposal review, aerial photograph and regulatory document review, and an asbestos audit. DAI is also aware of the immediate schedule required for many real estate transactions and can respond to those needs in a timely manner.