Soil & Groundwater Contamination

DAI Environmental, Inc

Hydrogeological contaminant investigations require a unique combination of professional training and experience. DAI Environmental, Inc. uses a team of hydrogeologists, geologists, and engineers to conduct subsurface investigations. Successful subsurface assessments have included studies of dense chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, other NAPLs, and heavy metals. DAI may use a combination of methods and procedures to evaluate the extent of contamination in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner.

These methods include:

  • Characterization and evaluation of the stratigraphic base and hydrogeological properties
  • Soil-gas monitoring in the field using the Geoprobe System and gas chromatography
  • Determination of the extent of soil and ground water contamination using innovative soil and groundwater sampling techniques
  • Groundwater computer modeling to establish probable contaminant plume configuration and evaluate possible contaminant plume transport mechanisms