Soil & Groundwater Remediation

DAI Environmental, Inc

Soil groundwater remediation is a major focus for DAI Environmental, Inc. We have successfully designed and implemented remediation plans for contaminants, which include dense chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, other NAPLs, and heavy metals. DAI has interacted between clients and regulatory agencies in over 25 states to obtain approval for corrective actions and implementations of the remedial design. Our vast experience with a variety of contaminants, hydro geologic systems, and remediation techniques allows us to identify the most feasible and cost-effective solutions for each site.

Our experience with remediation techniques include:

  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and bioventing
  • On-site treatment for soils contaminated with VOCs and petroleum products
  • SVE with exhaust control by carbon adsorption or incineration
  • Groundwater recovery and treatment with carbon adsorption and air stripping
  • Vacuum-Enhanced Groundwater Extraction (VEGE)
  • In-site bioremediation
  • Soil excavation, removal, and disposal