Underground Storage Tank Management

DAI Environmental, Inc

DAI Environmental, Inc. has performed tank management services and has successfully completed UST closures for a variety of clients. These services include tank registration and regulatory notification, oversight of tank removal and abandonment, soil/groundwater sampling, tank replacement, and closure report submission.

DAI has helped save clients from unnecessary expense and problems by using a two-phase approach to determine whether contamination from the USTs has occurred before excavation is initiated. During the first phase, a team of engineers is sent to the site to assess the soil and groundwater conditions surrounding the tank by collecting soil, soil-gas, and groundwater samples. The findings are then used to develop the most feasible and cost-effective strategy for tank closure. 

The second phase, which includes the actual tank removal activities, is initiated and any remediation procedures necessary for site cleanup and closure are planned far in advance. Because our clients are located throughout the country, we stay current with the rapidly changing state and federal UST regulations.