DAI Environmental, Inc is a turnkey environmental engineering firm committed to helping industries confront the complex environmental problems of today. We work with clients from a myriad of industry categories, as well as select governmental agencies. Our multidisciplinary staff, which includes environmental, civil, mechanical and chemical engineers as well as geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists, and biologists, is capable of performing all facets of environmental engineering. Our services include environmental permitting, planning and management, research, monitoring, modeling, risk assessment, engineering design and implementation, and compliance.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality services in innovative design, application of engineering principles, and technical and regulatory expertise, while meeting our clients’ budgetary constraints. We collect the data needed to formulate an environmental profile of each site and a clear understanding of all the existing problems. We then evaluate each environmental problem using an operational approach, whereby the results from each investigative phase are used to design subsequent phases. Following each phase, we relay the information obtained to our clients. This approach provides our clients with current information and service while assuring that our solutions are both technically sound and cost effective. These phases can include: reviewing correspondence with governmental agencies and any previous site assessments; examining applicable transport mechanisms; defining the nature and extent of environmental problems; appraising the feasibility of various remedial or corrective alternatives; recommending and developing the optimal corrective action procedure; and implementing and maintaining the corrective action process. Because our clients expect us to be on the leading edge of technology, we are committed to continuing education and staying abreast of developments in the engineering field. We also maintain an in-depth working knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations to help our clients respond to regulatory demands. By remaining up-to-date with the latest engineering and legislative developments, we can offer our clients state of the art engineering practices and a comprehensive understanding of current governmental regulations. We stand behind our work and will offer expert testimony should the need arise.